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Today we can’t imagine our life without a mobile phone. The mobile phone has become a part or an organ of our body. When something went wrong with our mobile phone we just feel helpless or impotent. For get it back with working capacity there is a need for expert mobile technicians, who will find the problem and give a solution to it. So, with the high use of mobile, there is a huge demand for a trained technician. For providing such training in mobile repairing field numbers of Mobile repairing institute in Delhi have been opened or established.

So, in order to get rid of the problems of mobile phone, these institutes have been established to give training in such regard. Basically, these institutes in Delhi are providing mobile repairing course includes generations of mobile phones, components used in mobile headsets, mobile phone hardware troubleshooting (namely water damage, hang, charging problems, network problems, keypad problems, sound problems, etc….). Also, the advance methodology of repairing mobile phone has also been taken into account in such institutes.

In these institutes, they have a team of an experienced set of dedicated trainers help, guide, and inculcate a set of new skills for a budding career in the area of mobile repairing and also provide a steady stream of income. So the mobile repairing institutes are providing courses and training so that one can find new ways to tackle mobile problems and repair them properly.

The new age of technology means that there will be just as many job opportunities in the technological sector. The number of join opportunities, as well as scope for business in the mobile/computer industry, is huge. Not only are people buying more of these but they need repairing as well. For milk, this opportunity the present day students are investing their time in learning how to repair mobiles and computers. Listed down below are the Best Mobile Repairing Institute In Delhi.

ABC Mobile Institute Of Technology – While searching for a mobile repairing institute near me, in Delhi, this must be the most feasible choice because it is in a busy / easily accessible part of the city. They offer 6 month or shorter courses in mobile repairing with experimental mobile hardware studies to match with the new features constantly being added to mobile phones like fingerprint sensors, gravity sensors, motion detector, etc. The courses are mostly job oriented rather than knowledge oriented so if that’s a requirement for you then it is the best choice. They also encourage their students to run independent businesses over find g a job but even if they wish to do so, they will not be disappointed as the placement guarantee and rates were quite high. Their course fees are also reasonable so that is another this we to be taken into consideration.

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Fast-Tech Institute Of Advanced Technologies Pvt Ltd – The Fast – Tech Institute of Advanced Technologies is a top-notch mobile repairing institute, that offers flexible and attractive courses in mobile repairing, laptop repairing, and other device management courses for people who want a future in the technical field. The offer a wide range of selection of hardware study courses that teach you to operate with mobile / computer devices and how to locate, identify and fix the glitches and problems with the software or hardware. This is an excellent choice for chip level repairing courses. Students have reported that the management it’s very cooperative and will guide you correctly. They provide practical training to the in program trainees a d hence it makes learning quicker and more effective. The faculty is very helpful and person oriented. Whatever course you choose is taught you by an expert in the course and they also give you tasks to show them that you were practically efficient in doing what was taught. This practice is done several times during the course of enhancing your ability to pick things up faster. Diplomas are awarded at the end of the course after assuring that you are capable of doing what was taught.

Mobile Repairing Course In Delhi


 Hi-Tech Institute Of Advance Technologies P Ltd – This 13-year-old mobile repairing institute in Delhi, has the beat in class job assistance programme. What does that mean? It assists you in getting a job in the field of mobile repair/laptop repair and helps you settle in. That level of job security is hard to find anywhere else. They even let you take as much guidance as you want if you are finding your job difficult to do at certain points. One of the best advance mobile repairing institutes, they offer courses like – basic, advance and combo levels. The course which stretches over the period of 90 days covers a vast but pragmatic syllabus which incorporates both theoretical and practical approaches into itself. The students are taken on field trips so let them see the work in progress, for real. They are taught how to work with the latest machines which means guaranteed placement after the commencement of the course.

ITI Delhi Indian Training Institute – The only government mobile repairing institute in this article, ITI or the Indian Training Institute located in Karolbagh, Delhi is a prime choice of the students looking for a course in mobile repairing/laptop repairing. The course fees are nominal as expected from a government-run institute and there are scholarships available for deserving students. They have long-term as well as short-term training programs for each type of courses. The hardware repairing programmes teach students how to repair mobiles, laptops, smartphones, PCs, smart TVs, tablets and anything in between. Coursed available are – mobile technician training, laptop chip, and card level course, etc. The short-term programmes are very easy on the pockets of the students and guarantee placement al almost within a few months after the completion of the course. The long-term courses may take long but they give the students the necessary knowledge to secure decent paying jobs with reputed employers. They have taught well over 1000 students in the past few years and their programme is getting better to keep up with the latest technological advancements.

Britco & Birdco – Britco & Birdco may as well be the best mobile repairing institute in Delhi. It most definitely is one of the best chains of mobile repairing institutes in India. Now with over 10 institutes all over India in multiple places, Britco & Birdco have one of their biggest in Delhi. They are the first institute to exclusively excel in mobile technology and services. Since it’s a mobile and computer technology oriented institute, the course is updated along with the new introductions of technology. They focus on making the students fit to work in large scale industries which is very promising career-wise. Their institutes are prominent all over Asia so the quality of the courses and training is quite unmatched. They have fonts in countries all over the world and therefore are up to date with what is trending in the global markets. Along with mobile – computer category devices they also provide training in CCTV repair and installation.

 Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies Pvt Ltd – Economically speaking, this is the statute is your best bet. They offer courses in mobile repairing at the lowest fees. The courses also cover a bunch of interesting and useful features that may help you secure a good job like – both GSM and CDMA oriented device repair, iPhone repair, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi device specialization and much more. You can learn to disassemble and assemble devices in record time. The duration of their courses vary from course to course but the longest one stretches over for a time period of 6 months and 180 days. Technically that is a very short time to master all they have to offer.

advance mobile course training institute delhi

 To conclude, all of these institutes are pioneers in their fields. They serve the purpose of education with the utmost dedication. But all of them have specific specialties. You can pick the one you think suits you the best to pursue a course in mobile repairing and score a stable, decent paying job in this a field.

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Advance Mobile Phone Repairing Training Institute In Delhi

The increasing usage of mobiles is increasing the demand for services related to it. Everyone has a Mobile these days, and they face many problems with mobile such as hardware problems. These calls for a need of Mobile repairing experts. The growth in the usage of mobiles is also giving rise to job opportunities in mobile repairing. There are many people who prefer to give their mobile for repairing local centers rather than the company service centers. That’s why the career in mobile repairing is growing at its peak. Individuals who are interested in this career should make their choice of institutions wisely to learn the course. Especially in Delhi, there is a big demand for mobile technicians. Plenty of institutes We know how difficult is to choose a good Mobile repairing training institute in Delhi. for this course. Here we have thus prepared a guide that will help you in making the right decision.

How to select a suitable Mobile repairing institute? Before deciding the center you want to join for this course, go through this guide and make the right decision.

Mobile Repairing Course Institute In Delhi


Fees – If you want to go for the best institute the first thing that you should consider is fees. You should check the fees of all the institutions and should make a list of the best ones which are in your budget. It is not always true that good things come at a high price. There are many institutions that charge comparatively low fees but are highly reputed and comes in the list of best institutes. So, before going to any center check the fees of all check what other things are included in the fees they charge.

Location – Nearer is better. When making a choice to start learning the course in a mobile repairing training institute mark the institutes as ‘Mobile repairing training institute near me’. These institutes will be those which are near your locality. This will save a lot of time as you would not have to travel long for institutions. The demand for this course is increasing the number of institutions, that’s why finding the best institute near you would not be a problem for you.

Course – The most important point to consider to select the best institute is what course they are covering. There are a lot of institutions which promise to teach you everything but they don’t. They provide a part of the whole course and ask for more fees for other parts of it. It is therefore important to check whether the institute will cover everything in the course or not or they have divided it into different parts as different courses. Choose the one which provides you maximum teaching in the single package. Also, look for whether they will give you practical training or theoretical. Always go for institutes providing more practical training sessions of mobile repairing.

Timings – For any course, you join timings matter a lot. Always check for the timings of the institutes. Are the timings suitable for your daily schedule? Would you be able to manage that time? Consider the travel timings as well. These questions will help you to choose the best suitable course timings.

Full Time Or Part Time – Next point you should consider now in a selection of mobile repairing Institute in Delhi is whether the course you are applying for is the part-time or full-time course. Depending on your situation, occupation, and availability you should decide this factor. If you are comfortable doing a full-time course than you can go for institutes providing such courses. However, If you are already doing any other course, or you are doing a job, etc then you should choose the part-time course institutes.

Duration Of The Course – Now you should check for how much time your course is going to continue. Generally, the duration of mobile repairing course is 3-6 months. This varies from institutes to institutes and the coverage of the subject in the course. Check which duration would be best for you. How much time you are ready to give the course, and will your institute will cover everything in the given months. Check for these points and make the smart choice in choosing the best mobile repairing training institute.

Remember these points while selecting the best institute of Mobile repairing training. These will help you to find the best one for you.

Best Mobile Repairing Course Institute In Delhi

Now you know how to choose the best institute to learn the mobile repairing course. Here we have prepared a list of Institutes that are best in teaching these courses. Let’s have a look.

  1. Hi-Tech Institute of Advanced technology Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Britco &Birdco
  3. ABC Mobile Institute Of Technology
  4. Fast-Tech Institute Of Advanced Technologies Pvt Ltd
  5. ITI Delhi (Indian Training Institute)
  6. Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies Pvt Ltd

mobile Repairing course training institute in delhi

These were some of the best institutes in Delhi for the mobile repairing training course. These are perfect for their job and providing the best facility to learn mobile technician skills. Institutes play a very important role in building any student’s career so the choice matters a lot. A good reputation cannot be the deciding factor for selecting one for you. There are many aspects you have to consider before making a decision, we have covered all the important points to help in making choice. This list of points may increase or decrease depending upon the person’s requirements. So, always select which suits you. The list of institutes we have given above contains private institutes and the fifth in the list is a government mobile repairing training institute in Delhi. Hope it will help you.

24×7 Mobile Phone Repairing Training Course Institute In Delhi

In this techy world, the usage of cell phones has been increasing rapidly. Be it a rich person or a vegetable seller, all of them use phones nowadays. And now since the time is for using smartphones, people are buying smartphone according to their budget. No doubt smartphones solve most of our issues within some minor minutes.

But the one basic problem with such phones is their repairing problems. as compared to the normal phones, smartphones need more repairing services which will cost you a lot if you’re giving it to the service center of the company and the things get worse when your phone is out of warranty period. You end up spending more than the needed amount.

But alternatively, people usually prefer going to the local phone repairing and training institutes where they repair your phone like a pro within your budget. Apart from this aspect, if you see mobile repairing from the business perspective too, you will see that it has much more scope than the other businesses nowadays.

best mobile repairing training institute in delhi

Also, if you’re living in Delhi, things are easy for you as here, you will be getting many good phone repairing training institute in Delhi from where you can have the full course which will surely help you in earning a good amount. But before you choose an institute, how would you choose the one for you? What will be the choosing criteria for you to select the best phone repairing training institute in Delhi? Didn’t think about it? Well, don’t worry. We have made it easier for you. Here, we will discuss the things you should consider before making a choice.

  1. Fees – There is a saying that all good things come at a great price. However, this is not applicable in every case. Many times, you can save up a lot of money even after choosing the best course institute. But for that, you will have to make a list of all the good institutes in Delhi. But since we know how hectic this work can be, we have done it already for you. You can find the list of top 10 best phone repairing institutes available in Delhi in this article. Also, one of the major factors on which you will make the list would be your budget. Making a budget is important before proceeding. So after reading this full article, you will get an idea about the institutes you can try. Then make a budget and choose it accordingly. I’m sure you will get a good institute where they teach really well without taking so much fee.
  2. Location – Since it will already be going to be a busy schedule for you after joining the course, we don’t want you to waste your time traveling. So before making a choice, consider this point too. If there is a good institute available nearby your home, you should consider it first over all other places. And since today’s generation is interested in phone repairing courses, you will find many institutes near the place you live. So yes, the location is again an interesting and important factor.
  3. Course – Now since there is a different type, of course, available, you have to make sure the one you are willing to learn. Before you enroll yourself, you must gather all the information regarding the course you are going to study there. I’m saying this because I know that you will be getting many institutes where they will promise you to teach every single thing but in reality, they won’t. nowadays, they divide the course into many parts and make a course for each of them. So you have to go through all of them and then select wisely. Our advice would be to go where there are more practice sessions than the theoretical ones. As phone repairing is a subject where practical knowledge is much more important than the theoretical one.
  4. Timing –Now this point is completely dependent on your schedule. You have to take care of the timings too as it will be a long duration course and you will be occupied for more than a month to that specific time. So if you have a busy schedule, you can manage accordingly with them. But to do so, you have to find the one who is feasible with the timings. Most of such institutes keep the morning hours generally. However, there will be some for evening hours too. So you have to confirm it.
  5. Type Of Course – Full time or part-time? This is the most important choice one should make before taking the admission. In the full-time course, there will be 100% efforts and more time involved and hence, the results would be better as compared to the part-time. But if you’re a student or working somewhere else, do not pressurize yourself for doing full time. Go for part-time but with full dedication and it will work.  One more thing to keep in mind is the duration of your course. Generally, they offer the course of 3-6 months. But since every institute has their own way of teaching, this time might go up or down. You will have to confirm it with the institute first.

These are the points important to know before selecting an institute. Now without making any more suspense, let us jump to the list of phone repairing training institutes in Delhi.

mobile repair training course delhi

Mobile Repairing Course Institute In Delhi

1- Hi-Tech Institute of Advanced technology Pvt. Ltd.

2- Britco & Birdco.

3- ABC Mobile Institute Of Technology.

4- Fast-Tech Institute Of Advanced Technologies Pvt Ltd.

5- ITI Delhi (Indian Training Institute).

6- Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies Pvt Ltd.

So these were the list of phone repairing training institutes in Delhi. You can make a selection from the above list as we have already curated the best for you. Hope we have helped you through this article. If something is there which we did not cover, please feel free to comment.

 Mobile Repairing Institute Course Fees In Delhi

The new age development in mobile phones demands that there is a need for more individuals to handle and tackle mobile phone related issues. This means that there is economically and career-wise more scope in the mobile repairing field now that ever. This has I addition to this made these jobs more complicated and thus more in need of proper education as well as training. These facts elucidate the impression that we need more institutes and curriculum to formally educate willing individuals in this field so that they can be fully equipped and capable in taking care of hardware and software issues with that generic smartphones.

The issues that are to be resolved cannot be taken lightly and therefore it is important that the process of education is done on a proprietary front and through a reliable source at a credible institute. Hi-tech mobile preparing institute in Delhi is one such institution. This is an institution that specializes in providing technical training to its students in mobile repairing courses and laptop repairing courses. They are offering arguably the best mobile repairing institute course in the category and subcategory but in addition to this, they provide proper certification, full capability in performing all related tasks and assured placement.

mobile repairing course in delhi


Phone repairing course fees at Hi-Tech is easily affordable and exponentially lesser than other institutes that may or may not have been teaching the outdated curriculum. Hi-Tech teaches in an unorthodox way with giving the students in-depth k knowledge of the mobile phone semiotics and thus making them apt to work in the filed immediately after the completion of the course. If I were living in Delhi and I had to look for a mobile repairing course near me, this would have been my first choice.

The mobile repairing course online helps the students emerge as technicians that are fit take up jobs in any private or government-run institution or even set up businesses of their own. There are several courses offered by the Hi-Tech advanced technical institute in the field of mobile repairing. They range from a general understanding to in-depth advance specialization. They have different durations as well. Students can pick up whatever suits them best.

Basic Mobile Phone Chip Level Training – This course covers the history of mobile phones from the invention to current forms and trends. The mechanics of GSM & CDMA structure & generation of mobile phone and which are currently compatible with smartphones and how they work. Various radio, telephonic, Wi-Fi frequencies and channels plus how they work. The complete mechanics of GPRS, Bluetooth, and Infrared technologies. What are Wi-Fi, SIM, & IMEI and how to deal with them? How to do mobile phone assembly & disassembly along with detecting any glitches. A complete electronic components overview and basic chip level soldering and desoldering.

Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing – This one covers the parts of the computer, distinctively. Walks you through computer operating driver installation. An overview of software repairing is provided. The course covers mobile phone training with coding, completely. And in addition to this also gives you training in the ever popular Chinese mobile phone repairing.

Basic Electronics & Complete Mobile Hardware Repairing – The curriculum here covers an introduction to electronics. Teaches you on an advanced level about the charge, voltage, types of current, and most importantly how to identify issues with all of these. It also covers electronic components identification testing and working while showing you where and when you should be paying attention to in a hardware specimen.

Complete training for Hardware Repairing – This is a special course to train for the actual fuels. It has guided tips for mobile repairing as well as hardware repairing. It helps you through all the sections of mobile phones shows you how to do a circuit diagram reading. Equips you with GSM mobile phone troubleshooting. This elucidates the impression that it will also walk you through the basics of Chinese mobile phone troubleshooting. The customary CDMA mobile phone troubleshooting is taught alongside practically handset repairing and finally, you are given tips for a service center in case you plan on running working in one.


structure is very lenient when it is put in contrast to the course duration. This means that the courses are available at very affordable prices for aspiring students and since these are certifiable, diploma bound courses it is a risk-free action. The clear impression is that they are conducting the courses in a way that is focused on giving the lowest cost possible to the students and thus is holding a huge advantage over other institutes while not compromising the quality of the education they are providing.

Best mobile repairing institute delhi

The course durations extend from 3 months to a full 6 months (I.e. 180 days) depending on the curriculum and advancement level of the course. The shortest course is of the beginner level and the longest is the advanced level which covers different aspects of the elements of mobile repairing. They can be taken online as well as offline. The online method is rather popular due to the flexibility of the hours in which the student will need to study. The online course is just as efficient as the offline mode if not more and the fees for each mode are the same.

The hi-tech advanced institute is pioneering in the field by giving them sufficiently prepared and conveniently helpful individuals that can step straight into the workforce and will distinguishing manage to earn themselves stable livelihoods due to the training they have received. They are the most feasible mobile repairing course in Delhi. Their curriculum and faculty insist on the practicality of their methods and therefore this institute is climbing up the popularity ladder as it has producers more successful technicians than any other. They teach several attractive structures with nominal mobile repairing course fees. All things considered, it is a considerable option if you live in Delhi.

Hi-tech is the best institute in mobile repairing field. They are expert in this industry and provide 100% student satisfaction, they trained thousands of students in the mobile engineering world. They just do not offer course they provide 100% secure career to their students. After completing a mobile repairing course from hi-tech they provide a certificate, free mobile tool kit, and some other gifts. They provide a various scheme for their students. They have professional trainers who possess ample knowledge in mobile repairing industry. They have more than 15 years of experience in the mobile course. They provide hand on training. There are lots of factors that make them a leader in the technical education sector.

Hi, tech mobile repairing institute is growing very fastly in the technologies sector. The reason being, what it does for today’s society and generation. Hi-tech is famous among the growing generation with their short term courses and also with affordable fees structure. Mobile and laptop repairing courses in Delhi have taken over all the markets and spreading like a fragrance in the air. They provide beneficial courses to students in many ways. After a completing course from hi-tech, students can join many MNC or open their own business. Hi, tech also works on the personality development of the students.


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