Mobile Repairing Institute In Ashram chowk

The mobile industry is growing very fastly nowadays and the demand for smartphone specialist are grown up, but the reality is that they are not trained enough and experienced as per demand. To solve this problem we started an advanced course in Mobile Repairing Institute. Mobile repairing course help students get better jobs in MNC’s. Our institute provides basic to advance level training to students. We provide government-approved certificates of mobile repairing. Freshers can also join this course.


Mobile Repairing Institute In Ashram chowk

Mobile repairing institute in ashram chowk is the topmost institute. We trained students in various modules. These modules help students to boost their confidence in the mobile industry. We provide different kinds of knowledge and techniques for diffrent type of business. We provide free demo class and free tool kit with this course. So, join our mobile repairing institute in ashram chow now.

We provide advance hardware and software mobile repaire to students. Thereare there types of level

1.Mobile Repairing Course (CHIP Level)

2. Advance Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing

3.Advance Mobile Phone Repairing By Software

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Mobile Repairing Course (CHIP Level)

(Module – 1)

1. Introduction to mobile phones 2. History & generation 3. Difference between GSM & GDMA technology
4. Introduction to tools & machines 5. How to use a digital & analog multimeter 6. Disassembling & assembling technique
7. Introduction to electronic components 8. Types of ICS 9. Jumper technique
10. Chip level BGA rework 11. Module test

(Module – 2)

1. What is software repairing 2. Introduction to computer & basic operating 3. What is WAP, GPRS edge, infrared
4. Blue-tooth, Wi-Fi, 3G services 5. What is SIM & IMEI no? 6. What is secret coding
7. Introduction to repairing software & tools 8. Advanced software repairing process. 9. Advanced application software training & installation process.
10. A special class for online repairing. 11. Module test

(Module – 3)

1. What is hardware repairing? 2. Fundamental of basic electronics 3. Start-up tips for hardware repairing
4. Section of mobile phone 5. Tips for hardware faults 6. GSM handsets troubleshooting process using schematics
7. Chinese handsets troubleshooting process using schematics 8. CDMA handsets troubleshooting process using schematics 9. Special practical session
10. Interview tips 11. Business policy & service center tips 12. Module test

Advance Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing

1. Introduction about smart phones 2. Introduction about smart phones operating system (android, jellybean, ice cream sandwich Symbian) 3. Features of smart phones
4. How to identify of i-phones 5. Over view of components 6. Block diagram of smart phone
7. General faults in smart phone 8. General faults in smart phone 9. Difference between GPRS system & Wi-Fi system
10. Assembling & disassembling of smart phone

Advance Mobile Phone Repairing By Software

1. Phone up gradation, country unlock 2. Android phone root, pattern lock, flashing 3. Blackberry lock, flashing map problem
4. Samsung flashing, hard reset. 5. Smartphone internet connectivity 6. I-phone, Android apps installation
7. Wi-Fi connectivity in blackberry 8. Software installation and registration 9. Online software repairing
10. I-phone factory unlocking






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